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Brand new site launch!!! Woo!!!

Howdy folks!

…..it’s happening. I have been feveriously working to launch this brand new site and business-package, and it’s finally here!

Why the new look?

I started SP Creative many years ago as a side gig, but somewhere between now and then, my “side gig” became my favorite thing. Like, my very favorite thing.

I took the time to explore and understand my interests and identity as a business, and decided that it was time to shape my site and my process around that identity. Clearly defining my ideal projects and workflow has allowed me to expand and grow. I know that it sounds counterintuitive at first, but setting limitations on my business has allowed it to flourish in ways I couldn’t imagine (more on that at a later date). What resulted is a site that I am crazy proud of, and a completely streamlined project-process that saves both time and money.

In addition, this new site will provide a flexible foundation that will scale and evolve to whatever I need.

Soooo, explore the site a little, download the “Jumpstart Guide” freeby, and feel free to drop me a line!

Also, I want to hear from you!
Tell me about your own experiences with your businesses. Have you mastered the art of self-imposed limitations? Or are you just starting out and exploring all of the options? Tell me through the comments below, or contact me directly via my contact page!

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