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How Much Do Websites Cost?

I hear this question all the time. This is tricky, because depending on the context/circumstances, the answer can vary WILDLY. Let’s break it down into some general price points for different web needs, just to give you guys some idea of what you should expect.


Under $3000

This is a hard one. Websites are complicated creatures, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a solid custom-built website anywhere near this price point. That being said, there are always options.

If you’re on an especially tight budget, I would suggest going with a DIY option like SquareSpace. Once your business starts to scale (along with your budget), you can hire a developer to build you the site of your dreams. 

Another option would be finding a freelancer who is just starting out; a wee babe in the wild and wonderful world of web development. They will be actively looking to build their portfolios, as well as navigate the tricky world of business. They won’t have the same level of expertise as others, but they usually make up for it with dedication. Just keep in mind that there will likely be a few learning curves for both of you, and be patient (we were all wee babes once).


$3000 – $6000

This is the range that covers simple websites/landing pages, and customized template sites. Expect a site built on a pre-existing template, with a few custom options and some nice design. Nothing too fancy, but easily scalable.

This is a great solution for businesses that know they will eventually need to scale to something more robust, but don’t necessarily have the funds to go all out immediately. This will get you a solid, beautiful foundation to build on.


$6000 – $20,000

This is for custom-built, bomb-ass, scalable solutions. The higher end of this range is also where you start to find things like customized eCommerce, Membership, and eCourse sites.

A website built at this price point will be your strongest ally.

You will be pleased. Very pleased. Maybe even blown away at the ease with which you can do whatever you need with your new flexible internet home. Not only that, but you will in most cases have built a lasting and beautiful working relationship with a developer who just “gets you”. They will have your back and know your process, and this will make anything else you want in the future a snap.

A website on this level is a solid investment, and should be seen as a tool to scale your business (more on this in a later post).


$25k and above

This starts to creep into the territory of the digital agencies. $25k might sound like a lot (and it is), but it’s really just the tip of the iceberg for most agency projects. My colleagues at different agencies usually work on projects worth several hundred thousand!

Most of these projects are built on platforms run by the agencies themselves, and come with a host of other services like marketing, branding, content strategy, managed hosting, etc.


Sooo, this is a pretty bare-bones assessment of a hugely varied field, but hopefully this will give you some sort of gauge when shopping for websites. 

This is the first of a series of info-posts that aim to shed a little light on the somewhat confusing world of web development. Join my list (opt-in on sidebar) to receive guidance, freebies, and (possibly) occasional stories about my dog and how awesome she is!



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